The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Nanjing First Hospital, under the leadership of the subject leader Professor Chen Shaoliang, has sharpened its sword for ten years and forged ahead; in April 2020, it was listed as the

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The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Nanjing First Hospital, under the leadership of the subject leader Professor Chen Shaoliang, has sharpened its sword for ten years and forged ahead; in April 2020, it was listed as the "Excellent Heart Center" in the world's top cardiovascular journal "European Heart Journal" (European Heart Journal, IF:23)



The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Nanjing First Hospital was established in 1958. After decades of hard work by several generations of cardiovascular experts, it has developed into a unity of medicine, teaching and research, with a complete echelon of talents, strong technical force and medical facilities, a characteristic medical center with advanced and superb diagnosis and treatment.



The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine has 3 cardiovascular wards, 1 intensive care unit (CCU), 4 international advanced cardiac catheterization centers, 1 molecular biology laboratory, cell electrophysiology laboratory, fluid mechanics research laboratory, heart Ultrasound and non-invasive treatment room, cardiovascular pharmacology research room. There are 200 approved beds and 24 intensive care beds.



The subject leader Professor Chen Shaoliang led the team to promote and develop the cause of cardiovascular intervention. As the first batch of coronary intervention training bases for the Health and Family Planning Commission, he trained a large number of cardiovascular intervention talents and led the Department of Cardiology, Nanjing First Hospital in cardiovascular intervention technology. The field of research and application technology has always been in a leading position in China, and a number of technologies are among the world's leading ranks in this field.



On August 25, 2018, the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) officially released a new version of the revascularization guidelines, which were simultaneously published in the European Heart Journal (EHJ). The DK crush technique invented by Professor Chen Shaoliang was written into the guidelines (Class IIb recommendation): DK crush technique is superior to Provisional T-stenting technique in treating true bifurcation lesions of the left main coronary artery.

In 2004, Professor Chen Shaoliang first proposed the DK CRUSH technology. The results of the DK CRUSH series of studies over 10 years have shown that DK CRUSH interventional treatment of bifurcation lesions is more effective and can significantly reduce major adverse cardiac events. The success of the DK CRUSH series of studies has made cardiovascular interventionists around the world a rush to learn DK CRUSH, and the DK CRUSH procedure has also benefited more coronary heart disease patients.



Emmanouil Brilakis, Nicholas Burke and Subhash Banerjee from Minneaplois Heart Center spoke highly of DKCRUSH technology and considered it to be the best description of "No pain, No gain".

In 2018, TCT2018 announced the latest clinical trial ULTIMATE research results for the first time

Compared with Provisional Stenting, DK CRUSH is technically more complicated and more challenging, but it is the patients who really benefit, which is what PCI pursues.

Pulmonary artery denervation (PADN), which was first proposed by Professor Chen Shaoliang in 2012, treats pulmonary hypertension by significantly damaging the pulmonary artery sympathetic nerve. The PADN-1 study confirmed for the first time that PADN increases the activity tolerance and improves hemodynamic parameters in patients with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension. The original technology of percutaneous pulmonary artery denervation to treat pulmonary hypertension has applied for a number of international patents.

In 2013, a 97-year-old American flew from San Francisco to Nanjing for PADN surgery.

In 2014, Dr. Chen was invited to demonstrate PADN surgery at Grenoble University Hospital, France.

In 2017, the team broadcasted PADN treatment of pulmonary hypertension to the main venue of TCT.

In 2017, a special report on interventional treatment of pulmonary hypertension at the European Cardiovascular Conference (ESC2017) was released.



In 2018, the latest results of the clinical randomized controlled study PADN-5 were first announced at TCT2018.

Shaoliang Chen


Nanjing Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, Nanjing First Hospital, Nanjing Cardiovascular Hospital, Vice President, Director of Cardiology Department, Doctor of Medicine, Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor.


Dr. Chen won the special government allowance of the State Council, the outstanding contribution of the former Ministry of Health, the first level of 333 high-level talent training in Jiangsu Province, the Jiangsu Province Outstanding Medical Achievement Award, the first batch of Jiangsu "Leading Talents in Health, Science and Education Strengthening Health Engineering Medicine Outstanding Talents , Nanjing City Science and Technology Hero, Nanjing City Model Worker, Nanjing City Government Counselor and other honorary titles. He has long been engaged in clinical medicine, scientific research and teaching in the Department of Cardiology. He is good at clinical and basic research on coronary heart disease, diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary hypertension, and interventional coronary heart disease diagnosis and treatment, especially for complex and high-risk diseases including left main disease, multivessel disease, chronic complete occlusive disease, severe calcification disease rotation atherectomy, acute coronary syndrome, autologous bone marrow mesenchymal hepatocyte transplantation and other interventional treatments. He is very experienced and skilled.


Academic job: Served as a member of the American College of Cardiology (FACC), a member of the board of directors of the American Association for Cardiovascular Angiography and Intervention (FSCAI), a deputy chairman of the National Health and Family Planning Commission’s Capacity Building and Continuing Education Cardiovascular Expert Committee, and a heart of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association. Vice President of the Vascular Physician Branch, Vice Chairman of the Cardiovascular Evidence-based and Precision Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Association, Head of the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Group of the Cardiovascular Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and the First Vascular Society of the Chinese Society of Pathophysiology Member of the Medical Professional Committee, Chairman of the Peripheral Vascular Professional Committee of Jiangsu Association of Chinese and Western Medicine, etc. Served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief of JACC Cardiovascular Interventions in China, EuroIntervention Journal, Stem Cell Research, Interventional Cardiology, Chinese Medical Journal, Asia Intervention Journal, EC Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine, China Editorial board member of Journal of Interventional Cardiology, International Journal of Cardiovascular Disease, Chinese Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases, Journal of Nanjing Medical University, etc.

Academic Achievements: In recent years, 40 scientific and technological research achievements have been obtained, including 2 second-class national scientific and technological progress awards (respectively second and third completers), and 2 first-class scientific and technological progress awards of the Ministry of Education (respectively first and second Completer), 5 items of Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award. Presided over 2 major research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 general projects; organized more than 10 international, forward-looking, multi-center clinical studies; participated in 5 major research projects such as the Ministry of Science and Technology and 863. Won 15 invention patents and utility model patents. The editor-in-chief and deputy editor-in-chief edited 10 monographs and participated in the editing of more than 20 titles. As the first and corresponding author, he has published more than 200 papers included in SCI, with a single highest impact factor of 19.896 (JACC). From 2014 to 2018, he has been included in the list of China's most cited scholars in the category of "medicine" for five consecutive years, with a maximum of more than 1,000 citations for a single article, which is the most cited cardiovascular paper in mainland China. Double kiss squeeze (DK CRUSH) was recommended by the 2018 European Cardiology Annual Conference (ESC) "Guidelines for Myocardial Revascularization".



Junjie Zhang

Nanjing First Hospital

Deputy Director of Cardiology Department and Director of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Nanjing First Hospital. Served as a youth committee member of the Chinese Medical Association Cardiovascular Disease Branch, secretary of the cardiovascular clinical scientific research group, member of the Thrombosis Prevention and Treatment Group of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association Cardiovascular Physician Branch, a coronary intervention training tutor of the National Health Commission, and a member of the American Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Intervention (FSCAI). Served as the Secretary-General of the Asian Bifurcation Club and the Coronary Bifurcation Lesion Summit, a member of the US Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapy (TCT) Bureau, and a member of the Chinese Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapy (CIT) Bureau and senior working group. Served as the editorial board member of JACC Chinese edition, JACC Cardiovascular Interventions Chinese edition and EHJ Cardiovascular Imaging Chinese edition, and reviewer of Euro intervention, CRM and JAMA cardiology journals. He has been engaged in clinical and research work of cardiovascular disease for a long time. Interventional diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, especially the interventional treatment of complex and high-risk lesions, has rich experience and skilled technology. In the past four years, he has published 20 SCI papers as the first author or corresponding author (cumulative IF: 102.58; two of them are JACC, the highest IF: 19.8), and participated in the compilation of 5 books and 8 domestic and foreign guidelines and expert consensus. In the past three years, as the host, he has been responsible for 2 general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the six talent peak projects of Jiangsu Province, the general project of Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission, the Nanjing Young Talents Project and the 13th Five-Year Nanjing Youth Talent Training Project ( The first level). Won the second prize of the 2018 Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award (ranked second), the first prize of the 2018 Jiangsu Medical Science and Technology Award (ranked second), and the first prize of the 2018 Jiangsu Science and Technology Award (ranked second).



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